What to wear to a photoshoot

So you’ve booked a session, we’ve had a brew and chatted through the details and now you’re wondering what to do? Well not only will I be your personalised tour guide and photographer, I will also be on hand to answer any questions you have prior to your shoot. I have written this blog below to help you prepare for your shoot, so all we need to concentrate on is you, your partner, and a whole lotta love.



Possibly one of the most important points on this list. Your clothing.

You will want to look your best, so bring a few outfits, we have time to change twice throughout your shoot, especially if we change location, this will help to give a different dynamic to your shoot.

It is best if you wear soft, natural earthy tones. Metallics, maroons, and burnt oranges work too against the rugged landscape here in Central Otago. If you are a fan of flowing dresses, bring them, because I am! Anything that moves is always a winner.

Ladies & gents of course, please feel free to accessorise. Scarfs, hats, denim jackets, chuck them in the car. If they don’t work then we will leave them out but you just never know what might jump out in a photograph.

Please, if you don’t mind, leave your Hawaiian shirts at home. Bold distracting patterns don’t really work, nor does neon. So let’s stick to the above.  I want you to be comfortable so please wear whatever showcases your personality. Speaking of comfort, we may be walking up hills and over rocks to get to locations so bring sensible shoes, if you’re a heels gal and really want to wear them, feel free, we will just carry them to our shooting location.



I am a huge fan of props. By props I mean accessories, whether that be clothing so hats and scarfs or maybe, like me, you have a thing for oversized blankets? If you do, then bring it, I know I can make it work. Champagne glasses, picnic baskets, and anything cute. I’m game. Cute puppies also welcome.

Here’s a link to a Pinterest board with some colour and patterns that work in outdoor portrait sessions.

Hair & Make up

Feel free to get your glam on. You can enlist the help of a make-up artist here in Queenstown who will come to you before your shoot starts. If you opt to do your own makeup just bring setting powder or spray so your make up lasts all day. Avoid sticky lip-gloss that your hair might stick to, it may be windy so bring a hairband too. Windswept hair can look amazing so let’s not rule that out.

The Weather

What do we do if it rains? Then we get amongst it. I will only cancel a shoot if we are experiencing torrential rain. Queenstown weather is pretty unpredictable which isn’t a bad thing. The weather is our friend, the moodier days bring a dramatic atmosphere to photos, wind can blow dresses and hair looking amazing in photographs. Rain can make colours pop and umbrellas can be cool accessories. You never know what you’re going to get here in Queenstown, but rest assured I’ve worked in all four seasons and known where to go and what to do if the weather gods aren’t on our side.


Being a tour guide is also my forte. I will happily pick you up and drive us to all locations so you don’t need to worry. I can fit 4 people in my car so if you are bringing others, friends, family, or your four-legged friends then hiring a car and following me will be your best option.


Before we meet I will send you a short questionnaire that will ask questions about your location preferences.

Feel free to browse this blogpost of my favourite Queenstown locations or feel free to leave the planning to me. I know this town like the back of my hand. I know all the secret spots, where the light will be best and where to go if the weather isn’t favorable.

(it can be so different one side of town to the other)

So Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. They will most definitely include mountains, mountains, and more mountains.

New Zealand is known for its landscape. Natural, wild and rugged, you can’t go wrong booking a photoshoot here, whatever the weather. Let’s explore Queenstown together, climb some mountains, skim the shores of Lake Wakatipu or fly above it all to a secluded place for just us three…& the pilot of course, but I promise it will be wildly romantic.