Are you ready for your own adventure?!

Let me be your mentor, baby!


I’m about to let you in on a little secret. I have been in the business game for the past ten years and when I first opened my business, I remember feeling so overwhelmed.

I remember sitting and thinking how do I set up a website? What does SEO, google analytics, ROI even mean? Do i need to brand and what kind of marketing should I do. The list goes on and on. Being in business can feel very lonely at times. I wish I had someone to guide me back then which is why now ten years into being a business owner I feel it’s time to give back.

I believe in community over competition and have never had a scarcity mindset. There will always be more than enough opportunity to go around. No matter how far you are into your brand-new venture, owning and running a business is no easy feat.

So here’s how I can help. I promise to be an open book, invite you into my world and help you navigate your way through this crazy world of business. Let’s hang out online or in person. I got you, keep scrolling friend.

Online sessions

From $400Nz

This is PERFECT if your not local, if you are we will be doing this over a hot cuppa coffee. This one hour session is great for photographers and photography beginners to go over everything and anything that will be of benefit to you and fast track you to success. This basic Q&A style session is where we will focus on everything you want and need to know. Topics can range anywhere from (but most certainly not limited to) posing, directing, lighting, email communication and how to set expectations with clients.

Let’s get stuck in on how to run a photography business and level up your game. This part is my favourite, if you don’t live close then stay in the comfort of your home, grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) you name it, we can talk about it. Let’s get to work.

In-person Sessions

From $900NZ  

YAY! We get to hang in person, and I am so excited about it. This session is best for those who are local or willing to travel to hang out and learn in person. This is a one and one workshop, hands-on and filled with everything you want to know. We will meet in person, spend a couple of hours in a café or location of your choice and go over EVERYTHING. This session is geared around you, and what you need. After the chats, let’s go somewhere epic, photograph, learn and create something beautiful together.

In this session, we can cover everything from SEO, taxes, general business tricks, social media, branding, clients, editing and the rest. Let’s get stuck into the workflow, post-processing and your current portfolio. Client experience is so important to photoshoots and building a brand so let’s chat about how we can prepare for your shoots, pricing, and social media marketing. This is just a taste of what can be covered during this one on one personalised session.

Okay, if you’re ready to level up your business game, start kicking your dreams into your new reality and have one hell of a rad time with me then guess what? I AM READY.

Shoot me an email, pick up the phone, let me know the deets and I will get back to you asap with dates and availability. You ready?

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