I'm Kate Craig-brown,

lover of life + family!

We’re gonna be buds. No, really. We’re gonna go on an epic adventure together where we learn all about each other, and then before ya know it, it’s 5 years from now and we’re still liking each other’s Instagram photos.

I’m your tour guide, Queenstown photographer, and new friend all wrapped up into one. I want the experience of taking your photos to be just as fun as the day itself. No awkward posing or forced smiles here. Just some peeps going on an adventure together.

I'll be there for youuuu

Friends fan? Me too.

I mean it though, I’m there for you. From the moment I get your first email until I deliver your final gallery, I care about you and your experience.

I want to help you see how beautiful your love is, even when it’s matched up against the incredible scenery New Zealand has to offer.

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Nature Is My Home

Have you ever visited a place and felt such a strong connection that you felt like it was a part of you? Like it’s the only place you truly belong?
Queenstown is that for me. I call it my “spirit town” because it’s the place my spirit comes alive. I see myself everywhere I look: from the blue water to the mountaintops. It’s my heart laid out in front of me.

I feel incredibly lucky that this is also where I grew up, so it’s written into my story and soul forever. There’s just something about this place and I know you’ll see it too. I can’t wait to show it off to you!

If I’m not out shooting you will find me in the mountains, exploring our backyard and the world. I am happiest when I have travel planned and hanging out with my 6 year old chatterbox Romy and hubs Rob. I also love hosting guests from all over the world in our Air Bnb here in Queenstown and you guessed it, I’m never too far from an adventure. 

I love British comedies, Vietnamese food, books (nerd alert) water-skiing & being outdoors. Nature is my thing.

I guess you could say I’m just another human living life to the fullest and cherishing all the precious moments life brings.