How to Create the Perfect Wedding Timeline

Your wedding day is the most magical day of your life. It’s filled with love, excitement, and maybe a few nerves. As your wedding photographer, new BFF, and wedding expert, I am here to help you before and during your big day. 

Everything on a wedding day is centred around the I Do moment,

but what comes before and after that is all in your wedding day timeline. The key to keeping everything calm and on track is an organised timeline detailing those key moments. It also helps me make sure I’ve got the whole day covered, meaning I capture all the emotions and feelings throughout the day without the distraction of planning on the spot. 


I want to help you break down your day from dawn till dusk and allow enough time for me, as your photographer, to capture the goods. 


Getting Ready: Allow 45 minutes

This is where I come in. on your wedding day, this will most likely be the first time that you see me. As you are sipping champagne and in the final stages of getting ready I will sneak in and capture those precious moments. I will capture all the details, the rings, your shoes, flowers, etc your bride tribe, and everything in between. Expect me to take at least 45 minutes.

Included in this time will be the bridal portraits of you and with your bridesmaids and anyone else joining you in the getting-ready process. This really is one of my favourite photo sessions of the day, as the shots are candid and capture such beautiful moments between you and your loved ones. I believe this part of your wedding timeline is such an important piece in the story of your wedding day. 

Some couples incorporate gift-giving in their pre-wedding preparations, which is also a wonderful opportunity to capture thoughtful precious moments before the ‘I Do’s.’


Groom and Groomsmen Getting Ready  

Let’s not forget about the important men in your life. I spend a little less time with the men, because, well, they have the getting ready thing down quick time. I will hang with the boys for around 30 minutes, this can happen before or after I see the bridal party, even at the ceremony location.

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First Look and Ceremony

First look: Allow 15 minutes

You may or may not opt for a first look before your ceremony. If you do, then we need to schedule in around 15 minutes before you part ways again and meet again at the altar. Before the first look, I will scope out a perfect photo spot around the property to capture all emotion. 


Ceremony: Allow one hour

Ceremonies normally last around minutes including hugs and congratulations to all your guests. I like to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes early to capture the ceremonial space as well as the set up of the reception area before any guests arrive. During the ceremony, I will silently move around the space capturing not only your love but also the love and emotion of your guests.

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Family and Friends

Family and Group Portraits: Allow 20 minutes

As well as capturing the newlyweds we shouldn’t leave out the family and friends who are here to celebrate you. If you have a big group, it would be a great idea to point your MC to the group of carolling people for the group photos. Give him/her a shot list beforehand to make sure we don’t miss any of those all-important group shots. Group pics take around 20 minutes and will be a beautiful memento from your day. 


Bridal Party

Of course, this is the part of the day where you and your girlfriends get to truly shine! As much as a wedding is all about you and your partner, the bridal party is also an important focus of the day – with your soul sisters by your side you will enjoy these captured memories for years to come. Moments such as the pre-wedding preparation, bridesmaid gifting, and intimate shots of shared time with your long-time friends all make for a really enjoyable and emotion-filled shoot – and don’t forget the amount of fun and laughter your bridal party will bring out in you – that’s why you chose them right!

Couples' Session:

Allow at least 1 hour 

Some couples like to get their portraits straight after the ceremony. Personally, I think it’s a great idea. That way you can get back to your guests and enjoy the rest of your evening. If we are staying on the property then a couple’s session can take around 45 minutes, if we are travelling by car or even helicopter to somewhere epic for those iconic mountain shots then allow at least an hour- an hour and a half until you are comfortably back surrounded by your friends and family. P.s make sure those not attending the couple’s session have enough champagne and canapés to keep them entertained. 

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Canapés and Mingling: Allow 30 minutes

This is where I dissolve into the background. I love capturing people’s faces, emotions, and love from afar, especially when they don’t know I am pointing my camera in their direction. This can be before or after your couple’s photos.


Couples Entrance: Allow 10 minutes 

This is your grand entrance – second only to the walk down the aisle, of course. Once all your guests are seated, you may opt to ask your MC to announce your entrance as husband and wife. Your bridal party can enter before you to also signal your entrance. This is another perfect opportunity to capture candid moments where people don’t have to pose for shots and you can truly see the joy and laughter that a wedding brings in people. This is your moment to be celebrated in front of the people you love as you return from having had your ‘couple’s photos’ and after you have said your ‘I Do’s.’ It is often emotionally charged and makes for happy memories to look back on. 

Speech/Dinner: Allow 1-1.5 hours

During the main meal, I will also take a break to eat as I’m sure you are not worried about having pictures of yourself eating 😉 But don’t worry I’ll be nearby when the speeches start, which is one of my favourite parts of the whole day. Grab your tissues and hold on to your seats, you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. Speeches normally last around forty-five minutes with everyone sharing their best (and worst) stories from the archives. I will again stay in the background making sure I catch those tears and belly laughs from your nearest and dearest.


Dancefloor & Cake Cutting: Allow 30 minutes

Another special moment that needs to be captured is the cake cutting. After spending some moolah on your wedding cake, of course, you want to be able to look back on it! Many look too good to eat, so having some images is a lovely way to remember your wedding cake’s deliciousness. And of course, there is the ‘First Dance,’ and just the dancefloor in general.
Does anyone else just LOVE to hit the D-floor? Any wedding or party you will find me here, as dancing is my jam! But as soon as I photograph those epic dance moves, I will leave you and your crew to party on through the night.


I hope this article has inspired you to create your very own unique wedding timeline. No two weddings are the same of course, so this serves as a general guideline to get your own creativity flowing. This is your day as a couple and together, you can create the dream timeline which captures all those moments that are important to you both. No two weddings are the same of course and I am here to help with the crafting of your dream wedding timeline, so

Let’s get together and Make it happen! <3