Tips for getting the most from your couples shoot

So, you’ve booked an adventurous elopement or an Engagement shoot and you are wondering what happens next. Well, I have prepared a little blog post for you and your partner so you can both be totally at ease before embarking on your session. 

So, you’ve booked an adventurous elopement or an Engagement shoot and you are wondering what happens next. Well, I have prepared a little blog post for you and your partner so you can both be totally at ease before embarking on your session.

Tips for getting the most from your couples shoot

Always allow yourself plenty of time to get ready, you don’t want to turn up flustered to your photoshoot. Play the music, sip the wine, have a snack, and take your time doing your hair and make-up. There’s nothing worse than hearing me turn up and you’re still applying your nail varnish. If you are looking to be pampered before your shoot, then I highly recommend the following beauty goddesses.

These ladies will take the time to make you look fabulous before your shoot and most of them will travel out to your location, eliminating any stress you may have:

Pure hair

Eve beauty

Charm beauty

Queenstown makeup artist- Kirsty lohmann

Crew Stylists

One important thing you should do is be sure to grab something to eat before your shoot. This might sound silly but the mother hen inside me has to say it. If you have been ‘touristing’ around Queenstown and haven’t allowed enough time to eat beforehand you won’t be on your best form. Most of the time our sessions will be in the early morning or evening and trust me, you won’t feel your relaxed self if you are a little angry. Try not to feel shy in front of me. I know it can be daunting having your photo taken, especially if it is the first time but I want you to be as comfortable as possible. I can easily say, and my friends will back me up here, I am not an intimidating person. I am quietly spoken and love to have a laugh, I don’t take myself to seriously and I will most likely trip over at least once during your shoot because I am running around capturing that love. 

First and foremost, I want you to have fun and feel comfortable. We will have time in the car to chat and get to know each other before I get my camera out and you can tell me all about your love story and where it began. 

When we reach the location there may be a short walk, to prepare for this be sure to bring some sensible shoes along, a coat or jacket, and some makeup top-ups. Hair ties and bobby pins. If your session is two hours or more feel free to bring an outfit change for variety. Most likely we won’t be near a changing room so be prepared to use my car as your changing room. 


Tips to rock your photoshoot

I am proud to live in Queenstown and get immense pleasure from seeing my client’s faces when we pull up at certain locations, so please have a minute just you two to soak in all the views before we get stuck into it. I will put on some music, so if you have a favourite jam let me know before the shoot and I can be prepared, this will help you get relaxed and way more comfortable, plus who doesn’t love a mountain top dance-off?

If this is your first photoshoot, I’m here to help you out, think of me as a photographer and photoshoot posing coach. I will give you pose prompts that I want you to do. This could be as simple as holding hands and walk towards the mountains or something fun like a piggyback ride. Whatever the pose I will show you first, so you know what to expect. I want you to be yourself and act as naturally as possible, sometimes I am not looking to capture the pose but the laughter and moments in between that follow, these are the moments when you are acting your true self and, in my opinion, the best captures. I am all about those sweet quiet, in-between moments too so I might ask you to whisper something in your partner’s ear, that way I can capture those little moments along with the snuggles and cuddles and love between you two.

If you feel confident to improvise yourself and do your own thing then go for it, I know it will make a killer shot. If you are still feeling a little nervous when the session has begun then just focus on your partner and the love you feel for them, this way you will totally forget I am even there and let your guard down. I am also working on enjoying being in front of the camera myself and I always find it easier when I have a little direction, it also helps me forget about silly things like if I have a double chin or if my hair is a mess…. Disclaimer, messy, windswept hair looks epic in photos. During our shoot we may experience some unpredictable weather, Queenstown can be especially unpredictable with some days experiencing all four seasons. The good news is there is never a bad day in Queenstown, in fact, New Zealand is just so god damn good looking and nothing can change that. We will be rolling with the punches, if the wind is blowing great, the dress you are wearing will be flowing with the elements and if it’s drizzling with rain, perfect. There’s nothing like a little bit of dramatic moody look. We will shoot beautiful photos whatever the weather and they will be epic.

After your session is over, I will take you back to wherever you are staying in Queenstown and we will say our goodbyes. I will do my best to get your edited photos to you within 2 weeks, for weddings this will be a little longer. You will receive a link to an online gallery where you can view the images all in order. You can then download the images directly and share the link with your friends and family. You can also buy prints directly from the website. 

If you have any questions regarding your shoot before we meet, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. This is your moment and I want to make you feel as fantastic as possible.

I can’t wait to meet you and capture your beautiful love story here in Queenstown 

Love Kate x