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New Zealand is epic, so epic that many come from far and wide to say I do on top of our mountain peaks, and to be honest, I am all about it!

I mean, just look, look at some of the epic scenes we have waiting for you and your love, and guess what? You can have this place all to yourself thanks to our helicopter pilot friends. We can stand on the summit of this mountain and shout about your love, well that’s what I like to do anyway. Let’s talk about Roy’s Peak. It’s iconic, epic, beautiful, and right on our doorstep


Roy's Peak- destination Wedding location in Wanaka

Coromandel Peak is one of New Zealand’s most popular locations to land for Wedding & Elopement photos. It is also known as Mount Roy or Roys’s peak for those who fancy strapping on a pair of hiking boots and climbing the popular trail. There’s a good reason it’s so popular, the lake and mountain views are breathtaking all year round. With Lake Wanaka sitting pretty below and the Southern Alps showing off in every direction this place is truly remarkable and one that I will always recommend to my loved-up couples.

Coromandel Peak is a peak which sit’s slightly below the famous instagram spot of Roy’s Peak on the same mountain.
Flying there is going to save, you, me, and your partner 4-6 hours of hiking time.
And ensure we have the entire place all to ourselves.
The line for a selfie at Roy’s Peak can be ridiculous, especially in the summer months.
While the views from the top of Roy’s Peak are amazing, the Roy’s Peak hike itself is a bit bland.
Which is why I always suggest we just zip up in a helicopter and save all the blood, sweat and tears of the hike but get rewarded with the exact same view and most importantly privacy which is important when you just want to be focused on each other and soaking up the amazing 360 views.
There are many more enjoyable hikes around Wanaka such as the Rob Roy Glacier and Rocky Mountain diamond lake. You never know, you might fancy these as a post-wedding hike the next day.

With a flight time of fewer than twenty minutes from Queenstown and ten from Wanaka, you know you want to head up there and get married. Below are some of my top tips for getting married on top of this idyllic mountain.

If you are staying in Wanaka then I can collect you from your accommodation and transport you to the airport or helipad. If we are popping up to Coromandel peak after your ceremony while leaving your guests sipping champagne eagerly awaiting your return then let’s depart in style. A number of my favourite Wanaka wedding venues such as the picturesque Criffel Station, the Lookout Lodge, Rippon vineyards and Edgewater will allow you to land on the property, how amazing is that? Let me know if you want to add a heli to your already wonderful day, I can arrange it directly for you and I promise you won’t regret it!

If you’re getting married in Queenstown- we can still fly directly to Coromandel peak, however, it will be a bit more expensive. There are heaps of other amazing helicopter locations in Queenstown though, so don’t feel like your missing out.

If you’re in New Zealand for a pre-wedding or engagement shoot we can always drive over to Wanaka Airport if your heart is set on landing on Coromandel. It’s about an hour’s drive from Queenstown.

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roys peak wedding

My top tips for visiting Coromandel Peak

  1. No day is ever the same on Coromandel peak, I have seen fog, white caps on the lake, beautiful golden sunshine, and every single time it looks unique and amazing. Please leave all preconceived expectations at home, whatever the conditions it will be amazing! It can get pretty chilly up on the summit so let’s dress accordingly. On a cold day, we might need some gloves, a warm blanket and some heat packs never go a miss

2. The stunning landscape of blues, greens, and in winter, white snow is the perfect backdrop for you. However, we don’t want you to get lost in that so choose colours to wear that will work well, you are going to want to stand out. Red, white, black are all great. Bring any props along too like a fedora hat and scarfs, they look great blowing in the wind. Ladies, if you’re a flowing dress kinda gal then bring it, these also compliment the surroundings.

3. In summer our sunsets are late meaning there is an extra $200 fee but if you’re into those gorgeous pink, glowing sunset tones in the sky then you need to go for this alternatively, the early bird catches the worm and we can hit sunrise at 6.30 am. Our winter days are shorter and 9 am works for sunrise with 3 pm being our latest time for sunset.

4. One last thing, bring your phone for some instant memories but that’s all you will need. For the helicopter ride, we need to travel light and I got you covered on the photo side of things. Make sure when getting in and out of the heli you keep everything tight to your body and away from the blades.

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Coromandel Peak is an iconic location for weddings, elopements and couples shoot, from these images I hope you can see why. If this is your dream destination then drop me a line. I can’t wait to help plan your dreamy day here in New Zealand. 

coromandel peak wedding
coromandel peak wedding photos