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The wedding photo idea that will make your friends jealous

If you think Queenstown looks gorgeous from the ground, you should see it from a helicopter! Seriously, you only get one shot to adventure like this, so why not add a Helicopter tour to your Session and have pictures to remember it?


How long does it take to drive to the airport?

Queenstown airport is located in Frankton. Most wedding venues are within a 15-20 minute drive from the airport although some actually have their own helipads. In my Wedding Venue blog (LINK?) I have marked those that do.


How do I book?

Leave the organisation part up to me. No extra costs, I just find it’s easier for me to book as I have an account with them meaning you will just need to pay the balance on the day at the heli office and they can liaise with me about things such as weather and weight of passengers.


When do we need to check-in?

Check-in is 15 minutes prior to our flight


What about the season?

We have four very distinct seasonal weather patterns to pay attention to in the mountains of the Lakes District. There is a pollen season around springtime, good to know if you suffer from allergies! Don’t be fooled by Queenstown and Wanaka being searing hot in Summer, for known Winter destinations. Of course in Winter, there are less-than-ideal weather conditions and concerns like road access, icy roads, and plenty of traffic at peak season – but you cannot beat those snow-blanketed peaks! Autumn is a stunning season for the area, with Arrowtown being unbeatable in quaint historical charm, against an explosion of Autumn colours across the valley. It is also a popular time of year for the small village nestled between Wanaka and Queenstown. You still need to wrap up warm in Autumn too, with the height of Summer being the only time it’s ‘hot,’ and that is around late Jan-Early March. 

In Winter June- September you may be able to land on the snow at some locations which would be bare in the warmer summer months. If you are here for the snow then go for it!!


What kind of locations can we go to?

Below you will find a list of my favorite Helicopter locations in Queenstown & Wanaka.

You can opt to land on snowy glaciers, Alpine lakes, Schist ledges and rocky outcrops overlooking the lakes and surrounding mountain ranges. 

Coromandel peak (Roy's Peak)

One of New Zealand’s most iconic views. From Wanaka airport we can be up on Coromandel peak within 5 minutes, leaving us plenty of time to soak up the 360-degree views out over the lake and the surrounding mountain peaks.


corromandel peak photos

Isobel Glacier Wanaka

An incredible flight over Wanaka and across Mount Aspiring National Park will see us land at Isobel Glacier, A guaranteed snow landing all year round!

Be prepared to feel like the only people on earth with uninterrupted views as far as the eye can see.

Mount Crichton

A beautiful heli flight over Skippers Canyon and Moke Lake will take us to Mount Crichton, a long and towering mountain range overlooking the beautiful Lake Wakatipu.

Towards the right, you will see the snow-capped mountain tops of Glenorchy and the Southern Alps in the distance.

Lake Lochlargar

An extremely ethereal and protected lake cradled between dramatic mountain sides, Lake Lochlager is a remote stunning location for memories that will stay with you forever. The reflections are incredible on a bluebird day and in Winter, the lake becomes iced over with beach snow in the backdrop. 

A 1hr charter for the ceremony and capturing this moment is plenty of time for this trip of a lifetime as you become Mr and Mrs Snowking and Snowqueen in the ultimate fairytale wonderland.


lochlagar elopement queenstown
lochlagar lake

Mount Larkin

Slightly to the North of Queenstown Mount Larkin sits at a hefty 2365 meters. From the top, you can see layers upon layers of mountains.

In the winter/early spring expect to land on snow and in Summer the snow melts leaving plenty of rocky outcrops to explore.




mount larkin
eloping in queenstown

Cecil Peak, Queenstown

Cecil Peak is one of the closest heli landing spots to Queenstown and is a rocky outcrop overlooking Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown below. 

There are plenty of different angles and photo opportunities up here and it is a great location if you wish to experience Queenstown from high above.


cecil peak the ledge

Cecil Peak (Garden Spur)

Garden spur is another easy and quick flight from Queenstown taking just 5 minutes and has fabulous views looking towards the Remarkable mountains and across Lake Wakatipu.

garden spur cecil peak
garden spur queenstown

Tyndall Glacier

Imagine a snow landing at any time of year! Yes, you can have your very own winter wonderland in the middle of summer!

With the immense backdrop of Tyndall glacier, this is about as surreal an NZ experience as you could have. Warm golden light combined with the beautiful blue and white glacier behind. Walking on snow and looking down the incredible valleys below.


tyndall glacier queenstown
Tyndall Glacier

Lake Erskine, Fiordland

Nestled high in the mountain tops in Fiordland lies Lake Erskine. 

It is a stunning alpine lake that has turquoise water in the summer and is covered in beautiful white snow in the winter months.

At the edge of the lake, a waterfall drops down to the magical valleys below. 

This is a great place to see New Zealand’s native mountain parrot, the cheeky kea.


lake erskine wedding
lake erskine wedding

Earnslaw Burn, Glenorchy Queenstown

Made famous by the movie The Hobbit, Earnslaw burn is a dream location.

It is surrounded by schist-covered mountains, flowing waterfalls, and the blue ice of the Earnslaw Glacier above.

There are several different landing spots on the valley floor so plenty of different aspects to soak up these magical views.

earnslaw burn

Bayonet Peak

A short trip from Queenstown Airport will see us landing on Bayonet peak.

This location is really diverse, there is the Valley spread out below, lake views to the left and right as well as a stunning rock formation for those rugged and wildly romantic landscape shots.


bayonet peak
bayonet peak queenstown

The Remarkables

Queenstown’s most spectacular mountain range, there’s truly nothing like it in the world.

Its rugged beauty will surely bring a tear to your eye as you look out over Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown below, making for precious memories as you and your loved one are carried away by the beauty of Nature.


queenstown elopement wedding
the remarkables

Over and Out – 

Wherever you fly off to in your very own helicopter for two (well, plus me and the pilot!), you will be sure to not regret a moment of it. Being on such an amazing adventure will truly cement your wedding day as the best in your lives and will make for incredible memories to look back on, together. 

Let me make the magic happen and book your dream wedding charter and handle any of the hassles –  you just show up and be prepared to be whisked away over eye-popping majestic mountains and dramatic southern landscapes. 

It’s the ultimate way to celebrate your love and together, you will reach new heights!