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Top 5 Reasons to elope

The best thing about living in Queenstown is having all the best & secret spots up my sleeve… Perfect for that whimsical, romantic elopement you and your partner are planning. I can whisk you away into the mountains for a secluded photoshoot, just us three. You can stand on mountaintops and shout your love to the people below or run through beautiful vineyards together, wherever you choose you won’t be disappointed. Eloping is in. By in, I mean more and more couples are starting to ditch the traditional constraints of a wedding and are going about it their own way. Packing their bag, dress, suit, and themselves and heading somewhere completely alone or with a handful of friends to declare and cement your love for each other. There are people who dream of throwing the biggest party of their lives to celebrate their love and there are others who instead chose to do the exact opposite. One choice isn’t inherently better, it’s personal, it’s yours. 

1. Wedding planning is stressful

Why not start from the beginning. Weddings are stressful. planning a wedding can be a turbulent, emotional rollercoaster of love and tears, flowers and decorations, cake samples, and table plans. If even the thought of the above freaks you out then I think eloping may be for you. Picture this. Just you two (& me to capture it all) stood on top of the world here in Queenstown looking down on the world below as you whisper sweet nothings to each other and cement your bond. Eloping gives you the opportunity to reconnect with each other and your surroundings, totally immerse yourself within your love, and maybe even feel a little bit naughty, running away from traditional ideals.

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2. To save money

Eloping means you can keep your costs to a minimum, no unnecessary wedding favors or outfits that will never be worn again. You have total control, away from other opinions, and can tailor make a package to be as simple or elaborate as you like. Whether you just want to dip your toes in the lake and say I do or be whisked away for a heli elopement to the surrounding mountain peaks, it’s totally up to you. How does a forest wonderland sound? Complete with a table for two and beautiful catering or maybe a hike to your favourite spot because let’s face it, eloping is pretty epic so you may as well find an epic location to match. Before you pack your favourite dress and veil let me give you some tips about Eloping in Queenstown



3. It’s just about the two of you

There are so many reasons why you might prefer a low key intimate elopement over a more traditional wedding. You may be a shyer reserved couple, may not want to be the center of attention or you may just want a magical day that’s more about celebrating your love for one another than celebrating it with everyone else and that’s totally ok!

It’s quite common to feel the pressure to have a more traditional style wedding but if the thought of that makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed and you don’t feel like it’s being true to yourself and who you really are don’t you dare feel selfish. 

Eloping means you can throw the rulebook out the window. You can tailor-make your wedding day so it’s all about the two of you and what you love doing.

Do you want to go for a hike, take a road trip, have a romantic candlelit dinner or a couples massage?  

Let the day be more about yourself, your partner, and the life you’re committing to building together not about pleasing family or conforming to traditions that don’t mean anything to you.


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4. Family dynamics

Does the thought of having to mediate between family members on your wedding day terrify you?. Let’s be real families are messy, relationships can be complicated and sometimes it can be more drama than it’s worth.

If the thought of having all your family in the same room together sounds more like a nightmare then a meaningful experience a large traditional wedding may not be right for you.

Instead, focusing on creating an intimate experience for just the two of you could be the perfect solution.

Your family and friends may feel let down that they don’t get to witness this love show but you’re allowed to do this alone, I promise.  And there’s no reason why you can’t have an epic party upon your return.


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5. You don’t feel it’s authentic to who you are

You’ve never dreamed of a traditional wedding day, the big white dress, the cake and the party decorations. You may even be put off by the entire wedding industry and value experiences more than things.

Maybe the thought of reciting your vows in front of hundreds of guests (some of which you may not even feel that close to) feels unauthentic and showy.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember we are all different, have different tastes, values, and ways of living. It’s important you stick with what feels right for you and not feel pressured to please anyone else or just do the big wedding thing out of obligation.

Stepping away from tradition is brave. But being true to yourself is as honest as you can get.

Let’s make this whole day about you and your love. The experience will be exciting, and I want to make it as memorable and beautiful as possible, no matter your vision, we can make it perfect.

So there you have it my Top 5 reasons to elope vs a traditional wedding.

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I hope this post leaves you feeling more ready than ever to Elope!!!

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