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Post Photoshoot What happens next?

Firstly, how epic was your day? I am so happy that you got to experience a little slice of my backyard with me and your love. Over here at KCB Photography, I want to make sure you get the most out of your session during and after. So, here is a little run down of what to do after you have received your photographs back from me.

To make ultimate use of your photos, you are going to want to print them out, create a photo album or post them to social media.

I know you’re not going to just let your photos sit on a computer, right? Right 😉

There are so many awesome ways to share and display your photos. There’s nothing quite like picking up your wedding album and thumbing through the pages together or grabbing a stack of prints to pass around at your next gathering. It’s the best way to reminisce, share your story, and relive your time in Queenstown all over again.

I strongly believe that your photos deserve a special place in your house, in a special spot where you’ll see them often.

Your Pic-time Gallery

By now you will have received a link to your Pic-time Photo Gallery- Please make sure to download all your lovely photos onto a USB or Harddrive (multiples if possible) this will ensure copies of your photos will be safe. I can promise to keep your photos online for one year but then I will need to delete them from the service to free up space.

This also means you need to order any prints, photo albums, mugs, etc in the first year

About ordering From Your Pic-time Gallery.

From your online gallery you can:

View all your photos by scrolling down.
View your photos larger one at a time.
Share your photos easily on social media.
Run a slideshow of ALL the photos (press the play icon on the top right)
Download your photos individually.
You or your family can purchase some gorgeous wall art for the house directly from the gallery.
Download ALL your beautiful photos click the Download button on the top left.

I would highly recommend purchasing prints through the Pictime Gallery as they are really good quality.
Some of the cheaper print shops such as office warehouse have inferior printers that can change the colour of the image.

To Buy Prints & More From Pic-time

Click on the shopping cart in the top left of your gallery. Hey, thanks so much for the follow!! Are you hoping to come to Queenstown soon? From here you can choose standard prints, fine art prints, wall art, keepsakes, and Greeting Cards.

Popular print sizes are 6×4, 5×7, 8×12, 16×20, 20×30 and 30×40. Sometimes it’s a good idea to find a frame you like a then order your print to fit that size.

I like to order standard prints in “Glossy” and Fine Art Prints in Epsom Premium Luster.


leather photobook

Wedding Albums NZ

Queensberry Albums

The dress has been steamed and safely stored away, the thank you cards sent and all that remains are your photos. It would be a shame to let them sit on a hard drive in a drawer somewhere.

Let’s get them printed and bound in a beautiful Queensberry fine Art Album that will last for generations to come and that you can admire on your coffee table or displayed nicely on a bookshelf so you can show guests, friends, and family when they visit or just curl up on the couch with a cuppa and relive all your beautiful memories.

I have spent time testing out various printing companies and have decided that Queensberry albums offer the best value and quality for my beautiful couples.

Queensberry wedding albums are handmade here in New Zealand and designed and planned with love by me.

I would recommend a flush mount (lay flat) album in any of these sizes

10 x 10 inch (25 x 25 cm).                    Linen Or Faux Leather

12 x 9 inch  (30.48 x 22.86cm)            Linen Or Faux Leather

12x 12  (30.48 x30.48)                         Linen Or Faux Leather

10 x 10 inch (25 x 25 cm).                       Genuine Leather

12 x 9 inch  (30.48 x 22.86cm)              Genuine Leather

12x 12  (30.48 x30.48)                           Genuine Leather

You can choose to have your names embossed on the front and there are a plethora of colours to choose from.

My personal favorites are the leather or faux leather in Sandstone, Brown, and Tan

And the linens in Pepple, Breeze, Smoke, and Riptide (shades of grey) and Taupe.

The colours and fabrics Queensberry use is very modern and tasteful.

Please email me if you would like to go ahead and make an order.

Please note album orders take approx 8 weeks for delivery, shipping is free within NZ

                 & can be shipped anywhere in the world for a small fee.

My album + design is $1100 NZ

queensberry albums

Diy Albums & Prints


When printing your shots, be sure to check the paper’s quality and finish. Prints normally come in one of two finishes, matte, and gloss. My preference is always gloss, especially if you have poppy colours in your image, however, if you are a matte kinda person, go for it. If it is a printer you have never used before you should be able to ask for a test print, that way you can check the quality before committing to a full print set.

I do find some of the chain branches such as the photo warehouse use inferior printing equipment that changes the colour of the images.

So if you are wanting a larger size print for the wall always have a 6×4 printed first as a test.

Printing An Album Yourself

Photo albums are ever popular these days and so easy to order. For this, one of my preferred sites is Pictime. They have a variety of album types to choose from, but these are my absolute faves.


Fine Art Albums: Elegantly designed albums with lay-flat pages printed on Fine Art paper.

Hardcover Books: A lightweight photobook, printed on thin pages with a hardback cover.

Layflat Albums: High-quality album with thick, lay-flat pages printed on photo paper.


Photo books also make great coffee table books and look beautiful all stacked up together!

milk books album


If you are looking to frame your prints for home, then let me give you a top tip. It is always easier to go frame shopping first, find what you want in looks and size then order your print to fit. I have been caught out many a time in the past with ordering artwork and never being able to frame it. For those of us who live in New Zealand, some of my favourite frame shops are Ikea, Kmart, and Briscoes. Generally, photographs, when mounted on the wall, look better with an in-frame mount, so consider this in your frame buying process, a white mount inside the frame can really make your artwork stand out

Creative ways to share and display your photos

“We Eloped” announcements, postcards, & thank you cards A wedding album for the two of you
A “parent album” for family & friends
Unique prints on wood, canvas, or metal

Framed leaning prints displayed on a mantel, bookshelf, or picture frame shelf (I got some cool white frame shelves from IKEA and have them in every room of the house)
Photo gallery accent wall
Panoramic prints

Tada! You now have holiday gift ideas for everyone you know.




A Final Word

In this day and age if we don’t post to social media did it really happen? I’m kidding and I am all for posting away on multiple platforms, after all, you wouldn’t want to keep all those beautiful shots just to yourself now, would you? Where ever you are posting, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc all I ask is that you tag me @katecraigbrown_photography, it’s a great way for me to network in your circles and hopefully provide some ever-lasting memories to someone you may know.

If you loved your session and the photographs you received, then a little review would also be pretty awesome. I would really appreciate it as it helps me to be found by other amazing couples.


Facebook is an awesome way to spread the love- If you could tag me in any photos you post or leave me a Facebook Review I would be thrilled.

Here is the link to my  Facebook Page

Google Reviews

If you enjoyed your time with me and were stoked with your photos I would be forever grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes to write me a google review.

It could be helpful to think about these things when writing it.

What were your concerns before having the photoshoot?
And what was the actual experience of working with me like?
How did you feel about the photos?
And what would you say to a friend thinking about hiring me?

If you don’t have a Google account, no problem you can create one with your non-google email address by tapping “create account” – “for myself” fill out the details and click “use my current email address instead.

Here is the link to write a Google Review.

I will finish with a big, huge thank you for booking a photo session with me, you guys rock! I hope to see you back in Queenstown one day soon X