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Eloping with your Family

Did you know that eloping with your family is totally possible? Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have a small tribe of your favourite humans along for the ride too. Elopements are all about getting married exactly how you want, when you want and where YOU want… are you getting the hint that this is all about you and your love? 

Here at KCB photography, we consider an elopement to be 20 guests or less, any more than and you are probably verging on an intimate wedding. This is also pretty cool however, a little more thought may need to go into your planning process, you can read more about that here. 

Including your friends and family in your elopement day is a beautiful thing to do, after all everyone wants a slice of the pie and watching one of your favourite humans get married is one of the best feelings. 

Here are my favourite ways to include friends and family in your elopement day

Invite your guests to attend your ceremony

Why not have an audience? It’s your big day after all and all attention should be on you and only you. Depending on your location you can always hire some chairs and set the scene? Why not top it off with my wedding arch and you can also have your space decorated and professionally styled for $650. 


Have you thought about transport and accommodation. Be sure to take in to account where everyone is travelling from and make sure your ceremony location is accessible to them. If you are dreaming of that mountain top wedding consider the cost of getting your guests u other with you. If you have more than one guest, you will need an additional machine as small helicopters only take four people. 

If this seems way out of budget we have SO many beautiful on the ground locations that have easy access, epic views and we can always sneak off for a heli shoot after the nuptials. 

It’s not always possible to have people present at your big day so we have dreamt up some other ways to include your friends and family. 

Engagement party

Get your party frock on and get to the dancefloor. Celebrate your engagement with an epic party and let loose with all your friends and family before your big day. It’s an awesome way to get everyone together to celebrate your love and hype up your soon to be wedding. 

Shop for your wedding outfits together 

Just because your tribe aren’t present on the day doesn’t mean they can’t be involved. Take your mum shopping, take your gal pals to the bridal shop, get the bro’s together for a suit trying session, grab the beers, the bubbles and have a great time. 

Live stream the ceremony

Have you thought about live streaming your ceremony? We can link you to your loved ones through the power of the screen. Your own private viewing party will be as magical as if they were there in person, plus you get the added bonus of closing the screen and soaking up your love just you two. 

Have them write letters

If your family can’t be here physically have them here in spirit and (writing) Get your close ones to write you letters, that way you can have a piece of them with you on your big day. You can open them when you get ready or save them for the evening as you sip champagne and reflect on the best day of your life. 

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wedding day letters to family

Have a party when you return home

Because your wedding deserves more than one day right? How about planning a wedding party for when you get home. Crank the tunes, let the bubbles flow and also… another chance to wear your amazing wedding outfits is an absolute bonus! 

Hop on a video chat and send them photos throughout the day

Ahh the power of technology. You can keep your family updated in somewhat real time with video calls and photos throughout the day. This will help them feel involved and help you spread your love far and wide! 

Include a video in your elopement package

A elopement video is the BEST way to capture the real and raw moments from your big day. Beautifully shot, edited and created just for you. A true reflection of your perfect day that you can keep forever and also share with your friends and family at home. 

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Create a photo album of the day

A photo album is a beautiful timeless momento of your wedding day. You can keep it forever, have it on your coffee table or pull it out to show those close to you when you see them again. I highly recommend this to all my beautiful couples. There is something so special about seeing your day in print. 

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Are you after something more? Do you think the best of both worlds would suit you and your elopement day celebrating? 

Have you considered spreading your elopement over two days? The first day can be all about you, your love and your wedding. Helicopter flights, epic locations, and a beautiful photoshoot (that’s where I come in) ready to capture every moment from your wild elopement. Then spend the next day somewhere awesome, maybe hire a house or a venue for the afternoon and have all your friends and family meet you there. Double the celebration, double the love, double the memories. 

If the one-day vibe is more your style you could consider splitting the day. Invite your friends and family to either get ready with you, join you at your ceremony or celebrate with dinner afterward. 

Remember your elopement is your day, your way and you should always put yourself and your wishes first. There is no right or wrong when it comes to eloping, that is the beauty of it all!

I can’t wait to celebrate your love with you! 


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